Finance Council

The Finance Council’s mission is to review and analyze the temporal affairs of the parish in order to provide sound advise to the Pastor


Current Members:

 Dennis Grandjean ~ Chair
 Steve Dietl
 Ed Doyle
 Dick Doyle
 Carolyn Gorski
 Veronica Yaw


St. Max’s Finance Council’s meets once per quarter (or as needed) to provide financial recommendations to the pastor and approve the annual budget regarding the use of parish funds for both current operations and special projects.

Some of you have wondered… how the Catholic Courier gets funded. Four times a year, you will find a blue colored envelope in you packet of envelopes that are mailed to your home. These envelopes help provide our parish with revenue to help offset the cost of the Catholic Courier. Any shortfall from these envelopes is the responsibility of the Parish. The Parish currently does not receive enough of these envelopes back to cover the cost of the Courier in our Parish. At the direction of the Diocese, the Catholic Courier is sent to every registered household. It is the Diocese’s desire that this means of communication be kept in place so every household will have the opportunity to read about events in the diocese and what goes on in our Catholic life.