Building & Ground Committee

 The Buildings and Grounds Committee deals with the “nuts and bolts” of the parish property. This committee regularly inspects the physical needs of the parish complexes, seeks bids and works in collaboration with the Pastor and Finance Committee to determine funding for each.. Its members are knowledgeable in areas of construction, electric, building trades, maintenance, heating and cooling, etc. The primary work of the committee is to ensure a smooth running of the facility.. This committee takes a careful look at all the facilities to assess the condition of the parish’s properties. From this audit, the committee produces a plan to repair and maintain the property. This plan is an essential piece of the annual budgeting process. The committee is also involved in reviewing bids and contracts for the various services in the maintenance of and improvements to all St. Maximilian Kolbe’s facilities. The committee serves as a body of experts to plan for immediate and long range improvements who advise the parish Pastor.

Current Members

Bob Hillis
Ed Doyle
Bill Lesniek                                                                             Ann Hudson
Dick Doyle