Letter to Parents

Welcome to the New Year of Faith Formation!!

Enclosed you will find the class registration and sacrament registration forms and also the schedule for the 2014-2015 year.   Please return the completed forms either by mail, Sunday collection basket or you can fill out the forms on the web site.

Class registration is separate from Sacrament Registration.  As we have done in the past we are offering two class models.  For children in grades 1-5 a Sunday Morning following 8:30 Mass at St. Mary’s is a classroom model with a teacher and helpers and on Sunday Morning before 10:30 Mass at Epiphany is a Family Model with one teacher, parents and their children.  During the Sunday morning classes at St. Mary’s, there will be 4 times throughout the year that parents will be asked to stay during the class time.  Otherwise parents are not required to stay.  We ask that you arrive to pick up your children at 11:00.  Classes are dismissed at 11:05.  We ask that you stay for announcements and a final prayer.

Please be sure to circle the model you are registering form.  If during the year you need to switch, just let us know.  Registration fees are a suggested $35 – $55.00 range per family.  Please consider what you can afford.  If you are unable to pay for any reason at this time we understand.  Do not let fees prohibit registration.

Please look over this schedule and mark your calendars with the relevant dates for your family.  We have made a few changes this year to try and accommodate more families.  We have a few families whose weekend arrangements vary.  We have tried to change some dates around so everyone can join us sometime throughout the year.

If your child is in grades 6-8 Jr. High Happenings are offered two different times.  The model is basically a Youth Group with structure. This year’s happenings will include Faith (Relationship with Jesus).  Familiar (learning about what being Catholic means).  Family and Friends (relationship with others)

Cross Connections is for teens in grades 9-12.  Youth Group, Community Service, Retreats and Conventions throughout the year.  Postcards are mailed monthly due to the ever changing life of teens!!!

Also included on the schedule are the dates for the Sacraments that will be celebrated this year.  The criterion for Sacraments is readiness.  The norm is First Eucharist – end of second grade and up.  Confirmation – seven and up.  First Reconciliation – second grade and up.  If you have questions about when your child should receive a Sacrament, please call for some guidelines.  Please not the deadline dates to let us know your intent.   If you are considering having your child receive a Sacrament this year, you will be asked to attend a meeting prior to the start of preparation classes.

Please feel free to call me.  My office hours very, but please leave a message or e-mail anytime.

Our goal here at St. Maximilian Kolbe is to ensure that the young people of our parish develop a base in which they will continue to build their faith and love of Jesus.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your children to make certain that God’s love and work starts in our homes and continues forever.

Please be sure to add these dates to your already crowded calendar…
Hopefully Faith Formation will be one of the top priorities!!

God Bless You,


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